Dr. Rubeena S

Dr. Rubeena S

Education, world over, is undergoing significant transformations in terms of purpose, procedure and products. Conventional, teacher-centric and classroom-confined methods of knowledge dissemination have been sidelined by decentralized, technology-aided, innovative methods of knowledge garnering and skill acquisition. At M.S.M. College we are consistently engaged in chalking out steps and strategies meant to reorient and refurbish our academic activities in order to meet the demands of the contemporary world as well as to gear up for the challenges that lie ahead.

In keeping with the changing times, we have effected the requisite qualitative and quantitative changes to maintain the vibrancy of the campus as a terrain of academic activism, career-skill development, extracurricular excellence and value inculcation. Offering as many as seven Post Graduate and fourteen Under Graduate courses, we maintain a sound and perpetually expanding repository of knowledge that is an asset to any educational institution. Bidding adieu to the earlier approach to various disciplines, we have shifted to the new paradigm of ‘knowledge-with-skill’ as the goal of academics. Every course is teethed with the new component of employment related skill development, with a view to ensure that the students who pass out of our campus are equipped with at least one practical skill associated with their subject. Besides, special focus is given to the development of communicative skills and organizational capacity of the students, in order to make them more effective in their interactions with the wider world outside the campus. We also consider ourselves duty bound to inculcate in our students moral, ethical and ecological values that are essential for the sustenance of the world. Altogether, it is our cherished vision that the students of M.S.M. College do not turn out to be mere Graduates or Post Graduates, but effective citizens of the world with a penchant for success, responsibility and moral rectitude.

Faculty development and infrastructural augmentation are accorded equal importance in the quest of the institution for academic excellence. At M.S.M. College, we maintain an excellent faculty, with a majority of the teachers having Research degrees like M Phil and Ph D. Teachers regularly attend ICT-related training camps and Refresher courses meant to acquaint themselves with the most recent developments in their respective disciplines. On the infrastructural front we have kept ourselves apace with the most developed institutions in India and abroad. Smart Class Rooms with interactive apparatus and ICT equipment have been installed in all the Post Graduate Departments. The college has a sprawling library catering to the educational needs of teachers as well as the students. Club activities and recreational facilities, including a state-of-the-art Gymnasium, enrich the life on the campus.

‘Expertise with ethics’ is the motto that guides us in our educational activities. We stand committed to the twin-tasks of moulding young minds and providing precious man-power essential for this great nation to emerge stronger. In the onward march of M.S.M. College to attain eminence as an educational institution, the Management, the administration and the academic community stand in exceptional solidarity and selfless service.

Jai Hind.