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Institute Name: Milad-E-Sherief Memorial College, Kayamkulam

Full Report

Sanctioned (Approved) Intake
Academic Year 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14 2012-13
UG [3 Years Program(s)] 782 799 730 --- --- ---
PG [2 Years Program(s)] 93 93 --- --- --- ---
Total Actual Student Strength (Program(s) Offered by Your Institution)
(All programs of all years) No. of Male Students No. of Female Students Total Students Within State (Including male & female) Outside State (Including male & female) Outside Country (Including male & female) Economically Backward (Including male & female) Socially Challenged (SC+ST+OBC Including male & female) No. of students receiving full tuition fee reimbursement from the State and Central Government No. of students receiving full tuition fee reimbursement from Institution Funds No. of students receiving full tuition fee reimbursement from the Private Bodies No. of students who are not receiving full tuition fee reimbursement
UG [3 Years Program(s)] 671 1640 2311 2307 4 0 1167 797 797 20 5 1142
PG [2 Years Program(s)] 25 161 186 186 0 0 58 73 73 5 0 53
Placement & Higher Studies

UG [3 Years Program(s)]: Placement & higher studies for previous 3 years

Academic Year No. of first year students intake in the year No. of first year students admitted in the year Academic Year No. of students graduating in minimum stipulated time No. of students placed Median salary of placed graduates (Amount in Rs.) No. of students selected for Higher Studies
(2013-14) 658 658 (2014-15) 0 (2015-16) 134 45 300000 (Three lakhs) 89
(2014-15) 702 702 (2015-16) 0 (2016-17) 185 70 192000 (One lakh ninety two thousand) 115
(2015-16) 730 730 (2016-17) 0 (2017-18) 241 132 216000 (Two lakh sixteen thousand ) 109

PG [2 Years Program(s)]: Placement & higher studies for previous 3 years

Academic Year No. of first year students intake in the year No. of first year students admitted in the year Academic Year No. of students graduating in minimum stipulated time No. of students placed Median salary of placed graduates (Amount in Rs.) No. of students selected for Higher Studies
(2014-15) 111 111 (2015-16) 90 58 325000 (Three lakh twenty five thousand ) 15
(2015-16) 106 106 (2016-17) 56 36 264000 (Two lakh sixty four thousand ) 9
(2016-17) 93 93 (2017-18) 55 43 336000 (Three lakh thirty six thousand ) 7

Financial Resources: Utilised Amount for the Capital & Operational expenditure for previous 3 years
Financial Year 2017-18 2016-17 2015-16
Utilised Amount Utilised Amount Utilised Amount
Annual Capital Expenditure on Academic Activities and Resources (excluding expenditure on buildings)
Library 183471 (One lakh eighty three thousand four hundred and seventy one) 221637 (Two lakh twenty one thousand six hundred and thirty seven) 166228 (One lakh sixty six thousand two hundred and twenty eight)
New Equipment for Laboratories 250027 (Two lakh fifty thousand and twenty seven) 552382 (Five lakh fifty two thousand three hundred and eighty two) 94251 (Ninety four thousand two hundred and fifty one)
Engineering Workshops 0 (Zero) 0 (Zero) 0 (Zero)
Studios 0 (Zero) 0 (Zero) 0 (Zero)
Other expenditure on creation of Capital Assets (excluding expenditure on Land and Building) 178920 (One lakh seventy eight thousand nine hundred and twenty) 468000 (Four lakh sixty eight thousand) 450000 (Four lakh fifty thousand)
Annual Operational Expenditure
Salaries (Teaching and Non Teaching staff) 74474230 (Seven Crore forty four lakh seventy four thousand two hundred and thirty) 77977780 (seven crores seventy nine lakhs seventy seven thousand seven hundred and eighty) 79418648 (Seven crores ninety four lakh eighteen thousand six hundred and forty eight)
Maintenance of Academic Infrastructure or consumables, other running expenditures etc. (excluding maintenance of hostels and allied services) 303948 (Three lakh three thousands nine hundred and forty eight) 239071 (Two lakh thirty nine thousand and seventy one) 288238 (Two lakh eighty eight thousand two hundred and thirty eight)
Seminars/Conferences/Workshops 668000 (six lakh sixty eight thousand) 230000 (two lakh thirty thousand) 214000 (two lakh fourteen thousand)
Total actual students strength in the corresponding academic year. 0 0 0

PCS Facilities: Facilities of physically challenged students
1. Do your institution buildings have Lifts/Ramps? Yes, more than 40% of the buildings
2. Does your institution have provision for walking aids, includingwheelchairs and transportation from one building to another for handicapped students? No
2. Do your institution have provision for walking aids, includingwheelchairs and transportation from one building to another for handicapped students? Yes
3. Do your institution buildings have specially designed toilets for handicapped students? Yes, less than 40% of the buildings
5. Do you have Braille lab / special lab for blind / handicapped students? Yes
6. Do you have special facilities for blind students(such as text to audio convertor, screen magnification software, special provision for examination)? Yes

Faculty Details
1. How many faculty members of your institution have received highly reputed national/international awards/recognition from Central government agencies in the previous year (2017-18)?

SrnoNameAgeDesignationGenderQualificationExperience (In Months)Is Associated Last YearCurrently working with institution?Joining DateLeaving DateAssociation type
1DR A BASHEER56Associate ProfessorMalePh.D345YesYes04-10-1989---Regular
2S CHANDRASEKHARA PILLAI56Associate ProfessorMaleM.COM345YesYes18-10-1989---Regular
3DR B SURESH BABU55Associate ProfessorMalePh.D345YesYes18-10-1989---Regular
4A ABDUL NIZAR56Associate ProfessorMaleM.COM357YesYes21-10-1989---Regular
5SONY P JOHN43Assistant ProfessorMaleM.COM156YesYes01-08-2005---Regular
6DR SWAPNA K CHERIAN45Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D156YesYes01-08-2005---Regular
7BINDHYA M S36Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.COM96YesYes28-07-2010---Regular
8ABDUL KALAM AZAD A35Assistant ProfessorMaleM.COM95YesYes02-08-2010---Regular
9ASHIDHA M33Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.COM81YesYes03-10-2011---Regular
10SHAMNA H36Assistant ProfessorFemaleM. Phil55YesYes09-12-2013---Regular
11SREEJA DEVI V M39Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.COM47YesYes02-06-2014---Regular
12SHANTI V M37LecturerFemaleM.COM1YesYes02-07-2018---Adhoc / Contractual
13SHAFEENA S29LecturerFemaleM.COM1YesYes02-07-2018---Adhoc / Contractual
14DR MANOJ T R43Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D96YesYes28-07-2010---Regular
15BINDU P S40Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.A.(History)96YesYes28-07-2010---Regular
16DR BIJU R I40Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D72YesYes15-02-2012---Regular
17DR SHY MARY M36Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D54YesYes10-02-2014---Regular
18DR REMYA SIVADAS36Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D10YesYes28-09-2017---Regular
19FATHIMA K33Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.1YesYes06-08-2018---Regular
20RAJALEKSHMI C55Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.A40YesYes08-07-2015---Regular
21IRIN ANN ABRAHAM23LecturerFemaleM.A1YesYes02-07-2018---Adhoc / Contractual
22SATHISH SOMAN37Assistant ProfessorMaleM.A.(Economics)96YesYes28-07-2010---Regular
23NIZIA AMEER33Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.A.(Economics)96YesYes28-07-2010---Regular
24DEEPTHI GOPINATH40Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.A.(Economics)96YesYes28-07-2010---Regular
25DR REKHA NAIR R38Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D96YesYes28-07-2010---Regular
26ADVAITA R PRASAD33Assistant ProfessorFemaleM. Phil96YesYes28-07-2010---Regular
27DR A MUHAMMED THAHA47Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D168YesYes15-11-2004---Regular
28DR S FAROOK38Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D72YesYes06-02-2012---Regular
29Dr AMINA S56Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D222YesYes05-01-2000---Regular
30ZAMEER K H45Assistant ProfessorMaleM.A60YesYes04-06-2013---Regular
31Dr GIRISH KUMAR B 51Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D240YesYes01-12-2004---Regular
32Dr BINDU L45Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D93YesYes01-10-2010---Regular
33DR ASHARAFUDEEN A37Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D10YesYes28-09-2017---Regular
34ANWAR HUSSAIN A28Assistant ProfessorMaleM.A10YesYes28-09-2017---Regular
35DEEPTHI G NAIR36Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D93YesYes01-10-2010---Regular
36DR SHANIL A42Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D1YesYes02-07-2018---Regular
37SHABNAM A32Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.77YesYes21-02-2012---Regular
38Dr DEEPA R PILLAI37Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D93YesYes01-10-2010---Regular
39THUSHARA T32Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.10YesYes28-09-2017---Regular
40JIJO C VARGHESE27Assistant ProfessorMaleM.Sc.10YesYes28-09-2017---Regular
41MUMTHAZ P HAMEED39Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.93YesYes01-10-2010---Regular
42SRUTHY K PILLAI28Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.1YesYes06-08-2018---Regular
43Dr BINDU V S42Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D93YesYes01-10-2010---Regular
44Dr LATHA C46Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D93YesYes01-10-2010---Regular
45Dr SUMESH C38LecturerMalePh.D36YesYes01-07-2015---Adhoc / Contractual
46SREELAKSHMI R31LecturerFemaleM.Sc.1YesYes28-06-2018---Adhoc / Contractual
47LEKSHMI R35LecturerFemaleM. Phil1YesYes28-06-2018---Adhoc / Contractual
48ARYA P27LecturerFemaleM.Sc.6YesNo14-09-201731-03-2018Adhoc / Contractual
49DR DEEPA I37LecturerFemalePh.D1YesYes28-06-2018---Adhoc / Contractual
50Dr RAJASRI P NAIR55Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D341YesYes22-02-1990---Regular
51FOUZIA HILAL34LecturerFemaleM.Sc.1YesYes02-07-2018---Adhoc / Contractual
52Dr NEETHU SUNDARESAN42Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D93YesYes01-10-2010---Regular
53JASEERA J S35LecturerFemaleM.Sc.1YesYes02-07-2018---Adhoc / Contractual
54DIVYA V38Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.93NoYes01-10-2010---Regular
55SUNITHA V R37Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.93YesYes01-10-2010---Regular
56ANAS N28Assistant ProfessorMaleM.A.(Political Science)33YesYes20-10-2015---Regular
57Dr LAKSHMY M47Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D93YesYes01-10-2010---Regular
58DR JAYAPRAKASH M K39Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D33YesYes20-10-2015---Other
59Dr REENA T A42Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D69NoYes17-10-2011---Regular
60ANU K37Assistant ProfessorFemaleM. Phil70YesYes20-09-2012---Regular
61ANVAR SADATH A29Assistant ProfessorMaleM.Sc.29YesYes24-02-2016---Regular
62JAYALEKSHMI K S 32Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.23YesYes03-08-2016---Regular
63Dr LAYANA S R33Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D13YesYes21-06-2017---Adhoc / Contractual
64ASWATHY PRAKASH26LecturerFemaleM.Sc.9YesYes30-10-2017---Adhoc / Contractual
65MEGHA S27LecturerFemaleM.Sc.9YesYes30-10-2017---Adhoc / Contractual
66S RAGASANKAR53Associate ProfessorMaleM.A336YesYes13-01-1989---Regular
67DR K GEETHAKUMARI53Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D336YesYes18-01-1989---Regular
68DR RUBEENA S 50Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D276YesYes13-02-1995---Regular
69DR GOVIND R43Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D168YesYes27-10-2004---Regular
70SAJITHA B42Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.A168YesYes27-10-2004---Regular
71HARSHA VISWANATH38Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.A93YesYes01-10-2010---Regular
72NADA RAJAN36Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.A93YesYes01-10-2010---Regular
73JAYALEKSHMI B35Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.A93NoYes01-10-2010---Regular
74ASHA BALACHANDRAN34Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.A81YesYes03-10-2011---Regular
75SREELEKSHMI B33Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.A81YesYes03-10-2011---Regular
76DEEPA R 36Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.A81YesYes03-10-2011---Regular
77ASHA K NAIR31Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.A81YesYes03-10-2011---Regular
78GRISHA ANAND34Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.A70YesYes19-09-2012---Regular
79T NISHAD33Assistant ProfessorMaleM.A33YesYes21-10-2015---Regular
80ARSHAD AHAMMAD A30Assistant ProfessorMaleM.A33YesYes21-10-2015---Regular
81DR M K BEENA52Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D288YesYes18-10-1989---Regular
82DR LEKHA S BABU48Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D81YesYes17-10-2011---Regular
83DEEPA K GOPAL38Assistant ProfessorFemaleM. Phil81YesYes17-10-2011---Regular
84SREEJA R36LecturerFemaleM.A1YesYes02-07-2018---Adhoc / Contractual
85LATHA V39LecturerFemaleM.A1YesYes02-07-2018---Adhoc / Contractual
86UNNIKRISHNAN C44Assistant ProfessorMaleM.A55YesYes09-12-2013---Other
87JALALUDEEN KUNJU59LecturerMaleM.A1YesYes02-07-2018---Adhoc / Contractual
88RAMSHAD RAHIM32LecturerMaleM. Phil1YesYes02-07-2018---Adhoc / Contractual
89FARHANA KAMAL25LecturerFemaleM.A1YesYes02-07-2018---Adhoc / Contractual
90SHAMNAD S27LecturerMaleM.A1YesYes27-07-2018---Adhoc / Contractual
91M R PADMAKUMARI56Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.133YesYes02-06-2008---Regular
92K P SREEKUMAR54Assistant ProfessorMaleM.Sc.85YesYes01-06-2011---Regular
93Y RENJITH KUMAR37Assistant ProfessorMaleM.Sc.81YesYes03-10-2011---Regular
94DR DEEPA K P39Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D33YesYes08-10-2015---Regular
95PRITTY MARY GEORGE33Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.33YesYes08-10-2015---Regular
96JISHA MS28Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc.33YesYes08-10-2015---Regular
97ASHA S RAJ26LecturerFemaleM.Sc.1YesYes02-07-2018---Adhoc / Contractual
98RESMI S27LecturerFemaleM.Sc.1YesYes05-07-2018---Adhoc / Contractual
99DR RAZIA K I49Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D213YesYes11-10-1999---Regular
100DR ANSARI M39Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D32YesYes06-11-2015---Regular
101DR S BHADRAKUMARI52Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D300YesYes03-01-1993---Regular
102DR D SUSHAMA55Associate ProfessorFemalePh.D276YesYes01-11-1995---Regular
103DR ANILKUMAR K M36Assistant ProfessorMalePh.D96YesYes01-10-2010---Regular
104JYOTHI G39Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc(Phy)96YesYes01-10-2010---Regular
105DR REJEENA I33Assistant ProfessorFemalePh.D84YesYes17-10-2011---Regular
106ANJANA R31Assistant ProfessorFemaleM. Phil60YesYes17-10-2011---Regular
107SAFEENA A42Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc(Phy)74YesYes26-09-2012---Regular
108AJEENA R33Assistant ProfessorFemaleM.Sc(Phy)65YesYes06-03-2013---Regular
109SMITHA S33LecturerFemaleM.Sc(Phy)1YesYes02-07-2018---Adhoc / Contractual

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