The college was founded by late Al-Haj P.K.Kunju Sahib as a realisation of his long cherished dream of cultural advancement of the uneducated people of central Travancore. “MSM”, Milad-E-Sherief Memorial is a reminiscent of Milad-E-Sherief, the sacred birth day of the Holy Prophet. A monument to the holy Prophet being a religious taboo to Islam, a monument to the sacred birth day of the Holy Prophet was contemplated.

Our Founder

kunju_sahibMSM College is the brain child of Al Haj P K Kunju Sahib, the legendary visionary who had been the Finance Minister of Kerala State from 1967 to 1969. A veritable champion of the masses, he envisioned that the progress of the poor and the downtrodden is possible only through education. Hence he undertook the great mission of imparting the radiance of knowledge to all, especially to the marginalised, to whom the college was established in 1964.The unseen but domineering presence of his social commitment, continues to enthuse the MSM fraternity for relentless pursuits to scale heights of excellence.